Monday, March 3, 2008

week 4 goal check in

week 1: record all food intake. result: not so good. at all.
week 2: stay withing point limit. result: i have no clue b/c my food log went out the window
week 3: make dentist appt and optometrist appt. result: optometrist not only booked, but the appt is behind me! woo hoo! dentist appt finally booked!!
week 4: research (and possibly commit to) half marathon. result: found a plan that would have me in half marathon shape in 17 weeks - that's WELL before the end of the year. woo hoooo!

week 5 goal: log 3 miles this coming weekend

i am totally off the bandwagon right now. i've fallen right smack dab into a thick, clingy puddle of i-just-don't-give-a-shit. i know it will pass. but for right now, i'm not going to deny it - there is a very big part of me that is just tired of all the stick-to-it-uveness. i'm feeling a little overwhelmed and put upon by myself!! i suspect that most of this defeatist attitude is due to a hellacious bout of the hormonal bitch slap... maybe one of my next goals can be to look into big game tranquilizers for myself... you know, just to get me through those particularly rough pre/post/menstrual days.:)

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Heather said...

I have totally been there. sometimes it is just so exhausting to always have to plan out meals and eat healthy and think about weight constantly. becasue the reality is, that is what we must do to live healthy lives. for us, it will never be easy. we cant just wake up and eat whatever we want and be thin and healthy. and thats scary and overwhelming. so its natural to experience bouts of what you just experienced. the important thing is to pick yourself up out of it and realize that this is what yo uwant, its not a death sentence. some days its harder than others and thats ok.