Wednesday, April 9, 2008

button bliss

today i was able to fasten a button that i haven't been able to close in a long time.

funny how the simple act of buttoning a button can color the whole day with magic, wonder, and delight.

i've also found that there is magic in these wise words over at fat as hell.


Jim Purdy said...

Sometimes the little things like that button do amount to big victories, don't they? It's always a good way to start the day. Thanks for sharing!

justoofat said...

I agree... buttoning a button is no small thing. Besides, life isn't normally made up of giant, sweeping successes, is it? Rather, we have to take our victories one button at a time.

That said, I'm flattered by your nod. Thank you.


Twix said...

eeeek! Congratulations! That is a great victory!! :D *blushes* I think buttoning a button is a huge thing, especially when you weren't able to button it before. :)

manda31 said...

congrats on the nsv, and by the way, im glad your dad is ok

Heather said...

that is wonderful! I am so thrilled for you, that is a wonderful feeling.

Jenny said...

Doing up a button may be inconsequential to some ... but to anyone of size. Congratulations! The only downside is how fast the doing up the button becomes being swamped by the very same clothes.