Wednesday, April 23, 2008

in praise of lists

i'm heading back to chicago tomorrow for the screening of my guy's movie on saturday. i'm all atwitter with nerves and excitement. i'm kind of starting to freak about about leaving my little furry babies in the capable care of strangers. i'm starting to freak out about my weight (like these peeps care - they know me at this weight!!). i'm starting to freak out about seeing my mom - she and my sis had a particularly bad blow out about two weeks ago and now she's fighting with my dad... who wants to visit that hot mess? i'm freaking out about what to wear on saturday. i've been freaking out about work and have been fighting towards deadlines like crazy this week.

but the coolest part is that all the freak out is more of a mellow hum than full blown frenetic energy. i've been taking calculated, measured steps to get myself ready for this trip all week. i made extensive lists to keep me sane and guide me at home and at work. i'm sure my kitties and pup-eroni will be just fine - they always are. and knowing that i'll only be gone for four days makes any mom-stuff seem totally tolerable. and i get to see my favorite favorite girlfriends.

chi-town, here i come!!


Heather said...

have fun, I thikn we are having good weather this weekend.

belly said...

heather, if by rain and cold you mean good weather, you need to come out to l.a. for a weekend! how easily we forget that 50's is nice for chi-town!!!:)

manda31 said...

hey enjoy and don't fret, you fret too much!

ps by the way, i would of totally bolted from the sewing class never to return again, or i would have made a big scene and cussed out the instructor, (Ive done that before too)

manda31 said...
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